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Experience Selling Diamonds in Dallas

For over years, Sparkling Diamonds and Gems has been involved in the jewelry industry We selling loose diamonds in Dallas in many shapes, grades, and sizes including round brilliant diamond Cushion cutand cushion brilliant cut princess, Radiant, Oval, Heart, Emerald, Asscher cut diamond, Pear, Trillions and Marquis Sparkling Diamonds and Gems is a fine and prestigious diamond brand All our diamonds are GIA certified EGL USA and many more. Sparkling Diamonds and Gems has rose from over 33 years of sales and service and its foundation was an innovative, revolutionary concept.

Loose diamonds at wholesale price and custom engagement rings, not only for the rich! Sparkling Diamonds and Gems Has set itself the goal of allowing as wide an audience as possible, to purchase stylish and fashionable jewelry, at highly accessible prices, while providing a high quality shopping experience. At Sparkling diamonds, the customer is a genuine gem. Always at the forefront of design. Sparkling diamonds and gems aims to offer its customers the original collections. In addition, to this end, the Company's leaders regularly visit the world's most prestigious design exhibitions. Inspired, updated with the hottest fashions and bring everything that is unique in the global design to the Dallas jewelry store.

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